Welcome to Angkor Tuktuk Driver Dot Net in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Siem Reap AngkorWat is Well-known for each temples, waterfall, Great Lake, architures, Restaurants, With Cultural show and countryside since January 10, 2000, we are full experiences in motor, tuk-tuk, and car-driver in 11 years, we have carried more than thousand visitors who come to explore all our places as Angkor Wat temple, around Siem ReapCity, waterfall, floating village, floating Market, floating forests, the Tone Lesap Lake and Country-side.

I am Pheng kunthea who specialist in toured organizing since 11 th January, 2002 to Present time. Moreover, I have organized tour in both city and Angkorwat temples , and I am reliable, respected, honest, and I speak English Accuracy.

Popular Program for visiting

  1. First day visit Mini-tour by Tuk-Tuk Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prom and Sunset Phnom Bakheng Mountain and going to hotel :
    Start from: 9:00am – 7pm: $ 12 for one person , $ 15 for two people, $ 20 for three people to four people per day and sunset: 3 USD.
  2. Second day visit Grand-Tour by Tuk-Tuk Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Preah Khan, NeakPean, Ta Som, East Mebon and Pre pup
    Start from: 5am – 4pm / price for one to two people $ 18 , $ 20 for two to three people , for four people $ 22 per day and sun rise 3 USD more.
  3. Third day visit Banteay Samre, Banteay Srey, Land mine, Country side and Tonle sap Lake or Rolous Group.
    Start from: 8am– 6pm: 25 USD

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Other Thing have to visit and know

  1. Apsara Show 12 USD / 1 pax
  2. Smile the Agkor  38 USD – 48 USD/ 1 pax
  3. Cultural Village 15 USD / 1 pax
  4. National Museum 12 USD / 1 pax
  5. Entrance – fee of Angkor Wat:
  • 1day visit : 37 USD / 1pax
  • 2day visit : 62 USD / 1pax
  • 3day visit : 62 USD / 1pax
  • You could be visiting the photoes in these place that it makes you are interesting.
  • Boueng Mealea temple 5 USD / 1pax

It depends on you visit in these area as one day , two days , three days or four days and plan can be changing it focusses situational tour discussion face to face more.

Tour guide in Angkor Area :

  • English tour Guide: 1 day 30 – 35 USD
  • Chines tour Guide: 1 day 55 – 60 USD


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